Dancing With Mario Lopez

Already trusting each other enough to strike a pose together.

Some of my earliest and most vivid memories are filled with years of learning to dance with Mario Lopez. My blog Dancing With A Star is about sharing those memories with you and our families.

I will be writing my stories about our performances, dance routines and a little about how our families worked together to make Mario and me a winning dance duo. I got to play alongside Mario at our homes and with our friends and family. We even had our first date together when we were ten years old! Of course Mario’s mom Elvia prepared us, guiding us step by step. Our moms always went the extra mile to make sure we knew how we were supposed to behave.

I would love for my memories to give some insight into how Mario became the man he is today. Perhaps the hard work Mario’s mom and dad dedicated to him made the difference a kid needs to beat those odds that child stars face against reaching a healthy and successful adult life. I am proud of the boundless energy for achievement and community outreach that Mario exhibits. I see a reflection of Elvia and Mario Sr. in Mario that simply cannot be denied.

With that in mind I hope you love reading about my memories as much as I loved making them!

About sandraelm

I am a 38 year old mother, daughter and sister. I have had an amazing life full of brilliant people. My dearest childhood memories are shared with dancer, emcee, actor and fitness author Mario Lopez. When we were just five years old we were picked out to dance semi solo routines at And All That Jazz dance studio in Chula Vista California.

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  1. catherine tagudin thomas

    Looking forward to reading more!

    catherine tagudin thomas

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