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Mario Unveils His Blue Steel


When we were nine years old Mario and I had already put a good four years of dancing under our belts. Our best dance that year was to a song from the movie Urban Cowboy called Hello Texas. Once again Mario took on the dancing persona of John Travolta as we learned how to two step and line dance together for this challenging dance routine.

Mario really started to develop that spark in his personality that so many people respond to today. In this dance photo I can see the emergence of Mario’s own Blue Steel look. Zoolander’s got nothing on my boy Mario!

This winning look captures the sense of confidence and pride that Mario’s family were helping to cultivate in him. I am lucky to have been the recipient of this determined smile many times as we faced each other on stage. When Mario flashed me that look, I always felt there was no way we wouldn’t win the prize or steal the show!

With this photo I am proud to introduce you to the birth of Mario’s “Blue Steel”. What a wonderful surprise it was when I stumbled upon this YouTube clip of Mario Lopez as he begins his Mambo Routine on Dancing With The Stars. As he takes the Dancing With The Stars stage its plain to see that the look on Mario’s face in this precious photo hasn’t really changed since those early days. It’s hard to believe it was taken nearly 30 years ago!

Mario’s Mambo